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MOST cooperates with Techstars and Stanford University to spotlight on Taiwan’s Proactive Testing Solutions to COVID-19

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) worked with Techstars to hold COVID-19 Startup Weekend Global Challenge

In order to enhance the global competitiveness of technological innovations, in recent years, MOST Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) integrates domestic entrepreneurial ecosystem resources, global accelerators such as Techstars, MOX, Sparklabs, IAPS and BE Capital and international startup community, let Taiwanese startups step onto global stage.

This year, Techstars connects its partners in startup communities across 70 countries from all over the world to launch “Techstars Global Startup Weekend COVID-19”. With 54 hours of continuous online competitions, each country selects its representatives on prototypes. There will be top 20 teams go into the global final round. Each team will get US$10,000 dollars reward, assistance from Techstars to explore global virus prevention market, and will have the possibility to obtain US $ 500,000 investment, which creates opportunities for Taiwan’s technology startups  to the world.

MOST has teamed up with Techstars to make Taiwan the only country with official participation in this global online competition, integrating public and private sectors to share Taiwan’s experience in anti-epidemic science and technology with the world. The event also invites C. Jason Wang, MD, PhD, the associate professor from Center for Policy Outcomes and Prevention at Stanford University, to talk with Minister Dr. Chen Liang-Gee in a pre-training live streaming, and let Taiwan's scientific and technological anti-epidemic strength be seen globally.

MOST with Stanford University expert to focus on Taiwan's science and technology anti-epidemic experience

“In 2004, the year after the SARS outbreak, the Taiwan government, MOST subsidized about 200-300 laboratories, cultivated more than 1,000 researchers, and built a key technology and anti-epidemic platform to fight against infectious viruses.” Minister Dr. Chen Liang-Gee says. ”We subsidized the team from Academia Sinica to speed up the development of fast screening reagents, which can shorten the virus detection time to 15 minutes. We also assist startups like BluSense to develop a portable detection platform with a sensitivity of up to 90% in Danish clinical trials”.

At the same time, MOST also collects data such as scientific research, voice, medical information through NCHC Smart Bio-medicine Life Science Cloud, a data platform of the National Center for High-performance Computing of National Laboratory Research Institute, and integrates the diversified information created by AI innovation research centers, then place the data on the platform which is open for researchers and professionals to download and apply to their solution.

Associate professor of Stanford University, MD Jason Wang’s article of ”Response to COVID-19 in Taiwan, Big Data Analytics, New Technology, and Proactive Testing”, published on "The Journal of the American Medical Association" in March this year to praise Taiwan's epidemic prevention practices. Dr. Wang said that after the SARS epidemic, Taiwanese government established the National Health Command Center (NHCC) to serve as a direct communication command point, and quickly formulated and implemented a list of 124 operational items, including border control from airports, using data for case identification and isolation, strengthening anti-counterfeit information and educating the public. Taiwan use its strength on science and Technology in managing the crisis can be seen to the world and it is a perfect reference for countries all over the world.

TTA builds Taiwan's technology startup platform to contribute to virus-prevention  

TTA is not only the base to link Taiwan and global startup communities, but also the platform which integrates resources, assists startups to focus on the application of AI, software and semiconductor, and build the ability to respond quickly to social demands. Echoing with recent global anti-virus actions, TTA startup yallvend integrates facial and identity recognition and Blockchain traceable technology to deploy face mask vending machines. ELECLEAN uses nano-catalysis electrochemical technology to manufacture disinfectant spray.


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April 22th, 2020

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