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TTA Leverages Global Startup Resources during Meet Taipei 2019

During 2019 MEET Taipei (November 14th to 16th), Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), presented 70 startups’ best in mind, and hosted several events to enhance Taiwan’s startup ecosystem.


TTA Showcasing Taiwan Startups and Drew International Attentions

Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center of NARLabs integrated startups from relevant programs (such as: Germination Program, Taiwan Reputed University Startups to Taiwan Unicorn and From IP to IPO Program) and brought 70 Taiwan startups to join international innovation expositions in 2019 MEET Taipei. Among them, there are numerous promising startups have drawn international attentions during the event.

‧Dr. Plant, Tetanti Agribiotech, and Wormax focus on smart agricultural technologies; they have gained favor with domestic famous companies.

‧Medfluid develops personalized anti-biotic screening platform, and has finished cooperation agreement with domestic science enterprise, and look forward to having further investment returns.

‧AHEAD develops diagnostic and disease assessment tools for blood cancer treatment using AI, and was gaining favor with domestic VC.

‧GOOD Lock uses antibody self-hinge as antibody lock, it enhances the disease selectivity and safety of antibody drugs. GOOD Lock has gained favor with David Uffer (senior partner of Alira Health), and looks forward to having further collaborations.


TTA Organized Events to Encourage Starups’ Global Market Expansion, AI Solutions

On the 15th morning, TTA hosted "TTA AI Social Impact Forum", speakers from Temasek Holdings, Global South Tech, and entrepreneurs from Taiwan and Philippines discussed the positive impact of AI on the society. The forum concluded that AI can be solutions to social issues, and these solutions will contribute to the sustainability of social development and generate stable revenues based on huge number of population.

In the afternoon, TTA organized “TTA X TIEC International Matchmaking” with 60 startups and 30 international investors from 12 countries, created 115 pitches and further business opportunities.


MOST Supports Taiwan’s Tech-Startup Ecosystem

The Ministry of Science and Technology has contributed to and connect the Taiwan startups and global resources. Since TTA’s launch in June 2018, TTA has built partnerships with more than 60 global startups ecosystem enablers and supported more than 200 startups.


Press Release

November 26th, 2019

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