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328 RAISE PhD trainees have already been working in the Industry this year. Welcome to apply the 3rd phase of RAISE program in 2020

The 2nd Phase of RAISE program (Rebuild After PhDs' Industrial and Skill Expertise) has been implemented by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) this year in 2019.  425 PhD graduates have been cultivated and 328 of them have already been recruited in the industry. The RAISE graduation ceremony was conducted this morning (December 27th) at NTUH International Convention Center.  The MOST Minister Liang-Gee Chen, presented the certificates of completion to the RAISE trainees of year 2019, and presented the awards of excellence in training to the outstanding training institutes including Industrial Technology Research Institute, Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, National Applied Research Laboratories, National Cheng Kung University, National Tsing Hua University, and National Taiwan University.
Minister Liang-Gee Chen also presented the Industry partner Awards to 10 companies such as Taiwan materials, Pfizer, Logic, LCY Technology, …etc. These companies recruited most of the RAISE trainees and the average annual salary of new hires at these companies is over one million NT dollars.  Today, two RAISE trainees of this year, Dr. Tsai (currently working at Pfizer) and Dr. Fu shared their experiences and encouraged more young talents to join RAISE program. 
RAISE is a one-year training program including industrial internship of over 6 months for PhD graduates.  425 PhDs have been trained by RAISE program this year through 22 NPO (Not for profit R&D organizations) and 13 universities.  A total of 593 PhD graduates have become strong workforce in the industry with average monthly salary of 66,000 of NT dollars via RAISE program in these two years.  Minister Chen mentioned that the employment number of PhD graduates in Science parks doubles in recent 10 years.  It implies the urgent and strong human capital demands of the industry.  The goal of RAISE program is to cultivate thousands of PhD graduates from 2018 through 2020.  Over this past two years, 782 PhD graduates have already joined the RAISE program and been well-trained.  The MOST encourage more PhD graduates to join this program to develop their practical industrial skills and will help them succeed in the current and future workplace.  And hope the RAISE program can help the industry to retain the High-Tech PhD talents to successfully drive the industrial transformation.
Now the 2020 RAISE program is open for applying.  There are 586 applicants have applied, and still have about 100 opportunities available.  Hope more young talents can take the chance to apply.


Press Release

December 27th, 2019

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