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Eight Taiwanese Cyber Security Related Startups Attending CES 2019 at MOST Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion

    To facilitate Taiwanese high-tech startups joining the global market, Dr. Yu-Chin Hsu, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), will once again lead a delegation of forty-four startups to attend CES 2019 in Las Vegas, the U.S. in January. The “Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion”, sponsored by the Ministry, will act as Taiwan’s national pavilion at Eureka Park during CES 2019.

    Among forty-four startups, eight promising ones are doing related to the cyber security area, including 3drens (Vehicle Intelligence Platform), Chelpis (Cryptocurrency Storage Solution with Quantum-Proof Next Generation Algorithm), Equalearning (On-line Learning and Knowledge/Resources Sharing Platform), FlipWeb (Secured Marketplace for Buying and Selling Digital Assets), RelaJet (Sublimation of Sound Quality), Ruize international (Platform for Intellectual Property), Taiwan User-Friendly Sensors & Tech (Portable Allergen Detection System), and Anchor Tech (Vending Machines’ Mobile Payment and Management on Cloud).


1. 3drens- Vehicle Intelligence Platform

3drens aims to provide smart mobility solutions with its vehicle intelligence platform. By collecting data from vehicles and get useful information from them, it can help the mobility industries, such as logistics, vehicle rental companies, etc. manage assets and optimize operations.


2. Chelpis- Cryptocurrency Storage Solution with Quantum-Proof Next Generation Algorithm

Chelpis is a Blockchain and Crypto software startup company focusing on cryptocurrency storage solution with Quantum-Proof next generation algorithm that offers the most secure storage solution. This is currently available on the market.


3. Equalearning- On-line Learning and Knowledge/Resources Sharing Platform

With the ever-increasing demand of mobile learning and the dominance of mobile devices, Equalearning, an interactive mobile solution provider (IMSP), leverages the ubiquity of tablets and smartphones and creates an interactive mobile platform that is instantly deployable, requires little capital expense, and can improve learning outcomes immediately.​  The capabilities of Equalearning’s innovative patented technology "Uninterrupted Learning":  Ensure a steady, smooth, non-stop and consistent interactive communication process under any internet connectivity conditions.


4.FlipWeb- Secured Marketplace for Buying and Selling Digital Assets

Flipweb is a secured marketplace for buying and selling digital assets, including websites, apps, domain and social accounts. The platform is designed to give its customers a broker-free way to buy digital assets, by offering its patented process: an open marketplace through bidding and selling service, blockchain asset verification and escrow payment. FlipWeb is the eBay of digital assets.


5.RelaJet- Sublimation of Sound Quality

Starting from scratch, RelaJet is devoted to exploring every possibility of hearing with cutting-edge technology. It will show people an exciting new way to communicate not only with each other, but also with the machine.


6. Ruize international- Platform for Intellectual Property

Ruize international paves the way for innovation by offering a platform where intellectual property can be managed and spread with ease. No more ambiguous legal terms, language barriers and middleman exploitations. IPbook is the bridge between customers and the world. With its solutions, customers can have their brilliant ideas fulfilled and protected with latest legal technology.


7. Taiwan User-Friendly Sensor & Tech- Portable Allergen Detection System

A portable allergen detection system has developed including a keychain analyzer which could enable allergy sufferers to detect cross-contamination in their food before a costly trip to the emergency room. This is a new detection system consists of a handheld device to extract allergens from food and an electronic keychain reader for sensing allergens that wirelessly communicates the results to a smartphone.


8. Anchor Tech-Vending Machines’ Mobile Payment and Management on Cloud

Anchor Tech’s new brand NIDO provides traditional vending machines a solution for adding mobile payment and management on cloud. Vending Upgrade Kit penetrates the closed vending payment system is consisted of a tiny box, 4G antenna and a QR code sticker. No need of hardware modification. The upgrade process is economic and fast for operating vending machines.


Taiwan Tech Arena X CES2019

Apart from attending CES2019, several startups will attend various Demo Day Pitch events held in Silicon Valley and Bay Area after CES2019. Through MOST’s long-term networks and partnerships with international VCs and corporates, the Ministry’s ambitious goal is to help Taiwanese startups go global.

Launched in June 2018, TTA is a pioneer program funded by the MOST. The program aims to connect global resources, build a more high-tech startup friendly ecosystem, and foster high-tech entrepreneurship in Taiwan. TTA hopes to attract global and domestic talents and actively foster the innovation of technology industries by building a co-creation platform for startups, accelerators, venture capital, and corporate partners. To date, plenty of public and private international partners are located in TTA, including French Tech Taiwan, Sparklabs Taipei, BE Capital, SOSV-MOX and IAPS; Canadian Technology Accelerator is expected to join in 2019.

Via participating CES 2019, TTA looks forward to connecting global investors for its team, having further industrial cooperation, and enhance Taiwan’s reputation in the global high-tech ecosystem.



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